What my patients say...................

"After many years of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, Jackie was recommended to me by a friend. I had tried acupuncture along with many other complementary therapies prior to this but had not had much confidence in the practitioners after failing to see any real impact of their treatments. From the moment I met Jackie though, she made me feel that I had someone totally on my side. Her wealth of experience & knowledge about fertility issues helped us to get the treatment we needed and to know what to ask of whom. Jackie is such a warm, caring person and gave me invaluable support during the emotional highs and lows of fertility treatment. I had three cycles of IVF treatment, the first was unsuccessful, the second resulted in a pregnancy but an early scan unfortunately showed no heartbeat. On our third attempt I became pregnant with twins. I believe that the acupuncture treatments got my body into an optimum state to carry twins. I am now the very proud & happy mummy of two gorgeous, healthy boys. I continued to have treatments at key points during my pregnancy and apart from some bleeding in early pregnancy I had a very smooth and healthy pregnancy. The boys were induced at 38 weeks & 3 days & were very good weights: 6lb 12 & 5lb 7. They needed no intensive care treatment and again I put this down to the acupuncture getting my body into its optimum state to give both babies what they needed. Not only did the acupuncture play a large part in our eventual success but equally the emotional support and advice I received from Jackie helped me to continue on a very difficult but ultimately successful journey. I can't recommend her highly enough." Becca


"Whilst we were struggling to conceive I read the Zita West books and as a result learned of the benefits of acupuncture during IVF. I picked up Jackie's leaflet at a fertility clinic in Southampton. Jackie was amazing. Not only did she give me acupuncture, she gave me advice and took many a hysterical phone call from me. When we were receiving treatment on the NHS she gave me advice and told me about treatment options no one else did. Sadly the first cycle didn't work but the second did. I believe it worked not only because of the acupuncture treatment but also because of all the advice Jackie gave me which helped to ensure my second cycle was far less stressful than the first. Jackie is not only an excellent practitioner but also a person who really understands what you are going through and is there to talk to at a time when it's hard to find people that understand." Liz


"I had been trying to conceive for about 15 months following the loss of my first baby at 14 weeks gestation. I had heard of acupuncture helping couples conceive and I thought it was worth a try since there was no obvious reason for our inability to conceive again.  I googled acupuncture in Dorset and chose Jackie because of her affiliation with Zita West, and her experience in this area.  At the initial consultation Jackie was very kind and understanding and I immediately felt at ease with her.  We began the acupuncture treatment, having two sessions per month on specific days of my cycle.  I noticed a difference in myself straight away, I felt much calmer and less stressed, colleagues even commented on how serene I seemed!  After the third month I became pregnant and I am now exhausted, but very happy, mummy to three month old Erin.  I am convinced that my visits to Jackie made this possible and I am so grateful to her." Alison

"Believe it or not - I really look forward to my acupuncture appointments. It is about so much more than just needles! Jackie takes time to talk and to listen, she works with me and we discuss each course of treatment. Laughter is a big part of our relationship and my treatment, which is very much needed when dealing with the harsh realities of infertility. Sadly, despite all of our best efforts I have not conceived, however because of Jackie's support I have accepted that "this is the way it is." I would recommend Jackie to anyone considering acupuncture and feel that it has been a privilege meeting and knowing her." Rachel


"I started to see Jackie after trying to conceive for 2 years. When I first saw Jackie in 2008 I was at my lowest and Jackie really helped me to bounce back both with her acupuncture and her support. I then had acupuncture to help stimulate my ovaries which you can definitely feel working, and I went on to have 3 IVF attempts having acupuncture pre and post IVF treatment, which definitely helped me to relax. I am now pregnant with twins and have never been happier. I have found Jackie to be an enormous support giving me guidance and advice for my next step and what treatment would be best, she has so much knowledge in this field and has never treated me when it is not necessary. One thing that kept me going through the treatment was Jackie’s support, she was always there for advice, and nothing is too much trouble. Sarah 


A friend suggested that I try Acupuncture after I had several miscarriages when trying for our second child.  My pregnancy with our daughter had been so straight forward that the miscarriages came as a bit of a shock.  All test results came back normal so there didn't seem to be any medical explanation for what was happening.  I am now 36 weeks pregnant with our second child and firmly believe that acupuncture and Jackie's knowledge and expertise with regard to pregnancy related issues has helped make it all possible.  I'll probably never know what caused the problem with the three that I miscarried but Jackie made me realise that there can be underlying issues/imbalances in our body that won't be affecting us in terms of our everyday wellbeing but will have an effect on such things as ovulation and pregnancy outcomes making it difficult to either get pregnant in the first place or stay pregnant.  Jackie spent time "rebalancing" my body and ensuring optimum conditions for ovulation and early pregnancy.  Treatment aside, it also helped me tremendously to have someone to talk to with such a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy related issues from both the chinese and western medicine perspective, not to mention an extremely approachable personality." Lisa


"After having two failed cycles of ICSI /IVF treatment, I decided to try acupuncture after researching its benefits in the whole IVF/ICSI process. I was able to meet with Jackie prior to my first treatment so that we could discuss my medical history and IVF/ICSI treatments. I was really impressed with this level of care .Jackie has treated me through three  cycles of ICSI treatments and acupuncture has certainly supported the whole process for me. I continue to have a monthly acupuncture treatment and its benefits have been amazing in terms of reducing the side effects of PMT.I t has also really helped support my immune system (I have an auto-immune disease ). Jackie has treated me for the last 4 years and has always been highly professional  , supportive and caring at all times. She has an excellent knowledge of IVF/ICSI treatments and has always gone that little bit further during each treatment to ensure that I have felt comfortable and happy. Jackie is an extremely skilled practitioner and this is reflected in all that she has done for me. I would just like to say a big thank you to you for all your help and support. I am really going to miss you very much." Emma


"I was a little sceptical about acupuncture and whether it would actually help me with my fertility problems as I suffer with polycystic ovaries, but I’d got to the stage where I was willing to try anything . From the first time I met Jackie she gave me the hope I was looking for. She spent time listening and gave me more answers to my questions than any doctor had. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and caring person to help me deal with a sensitive issue. I feel the acupuncture really benefited me as I started to have periods for the first time in many months. This then made me feel much more positive about my chances of becoming pregnant. I am now 8 months pregnant and I have so much to thank Jackie for. I would recommend her to anyone." Nicola


"As a Physiotherapist I was aware of the benefits of acupuncture but still was sceptical when my husband and I met Jackie to discuss receiving acupuncture for our fertility problems. We were quickly impressed by Jackie’s level of knowledge and wonderful manner. Throughout the treatment sessions I found the effect of the acupuncture incredibly powerful and also benefited immensely from Jackie’s sound advice and encouragement. I am now happily pregnant and also found the needles cured my nausea. Both my husband and I feel that Jackie is worth her weight in gold and would encourage others to give acupuncture a try, even if you are frightened of needles like me." Lizzi


"I decided to try acupuncture after one failed attempt at IVF and found Jackie’s details on the internet. I am currently pregnant following IVF treatment and truly believe that acupuncture assisted the process. I would not go through IVF treatment in the future without having acupuncture. Jackie is very friendly and professional and will never treat you unnecessarily. Thank you so much for all your help and continual support through my journey. Kim

When I decided to try acupuncture with the hope of improving my fertility I did so with some apprehension. When I met Jackie, my worries instantly vanished, her gentle nature, reassurance and wealth of knowledge made the sessions ones that I looked forward to. My husband was also invited to receive treatment alongside me which enabled us to share the experience. It was amazing to see the responses my body made to treatment and at the same time be able to share my fears and concerns with Jackie who was both a great listener and provider of advice and helped me to remain positive at all times. I an now 7 months into my pregnancy which has thankfully been problem free to date, something I owe in part to the acupuncture which helped to prepare my body for the challenges it has and will be put through." Sally

I had read that acupuncture improved your chances of conceiving so I set about finding a good acupuncturist in my area. After substantial research I booked an initial appointment with Jackie. I had weekly acupuncture treatments throughout my fertility treatment and just before and after implantation. I truly believe if it wasn’t for Jackie I wouldn’t be the proud Mother of a beautiful baby boy. I am now having further treatments post pregnancy to increase my immune system and to get ready for cherub number 2. I would recommend Jackie to anyone considering acupuncture, as I have found her to not only be professional and extremely competent, but goes that extra mile. Thank you Jackie!" Angela

"Being a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks, I decided to try acupuncture in the months leading up to my wedding 3 years ago. From the outset Jackie put me at my ease and was very understanding, not to mention extremely patient and gentle with me when it became clear I wasn’t very good with needles! Her treatments over a series of months really helped my anxiety and I found that my panic attacks had stopped. I truly believe that I would not have been so calm on my wedding day without acupuncture. In the years since I have sought Jackie's advice and treatment for a number of issues. I find that treatments bring back the “balance” in my life during difficult times and enable me to cope better with certain situations. More recently Jackie has been able to help me with fertility issues and also correctly diagnosed problems with my gallbladder at a time when seemingly no one else could. I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who hasn’t tried it and is looking for an alternative solution to a problem." Maddy

"Jackie was recommended to me by another acupuncturist because she specialises in infertility. I have very severe endometriosis and have had six operations to date. I needed IVF to get pregnant and after 3 attempts that hadn’t worked, Jackie took a very personal interest in my case and treated me between my third and fourth IVF cycle weekly to improve the endometriosis and to improve my overall health. I believe as a direct result of this treatment I felt much better in myself and was therefore much more positive when starting my fourth IVF cycle, which worked! As well as treating my symptoms Jackie was fantastic at counselling me which I definitely needed throughout my treatments and operations. I found her accommodating with appointments and easy to talk to. Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment and it really worked for me!" Fiona

"When I contacted Jackie for acupuncture for infertility I never knew what an amazing lady/acupuncturist I was about to meet. I have endometriosis and have been trying for a baby for about 5 years now. Before having acupuncture with Jackie I had extremely painful periods where I was at least 2 days in bed, crying and retching with the pain every month and almost passing out. Since the age of 12 this has happened whenever I was not on the pill - I am now 33/34. I have not taken a painkiller for the last 2 years, which is unheard of for me and a big plus with trying for a baby as it is not recommended to take ibuprofen - the only tablet that would make any difference, and then only slight - on a regular basis whilst trying to conceive. Jackie has been amazing at every IUI/intense fertility cycle and I have been having monthly acupuncture in-between to maintain my pain free periods. Jackie actually follows the cycle of treatment and it is so fantastic to trust an acupuncturist who has specialised in fertility, she is constantly aware of all the latest research and is in contact with top consultants/specialists such as Zita West. She has been there every step of the way and follows my treatment/cycles as an individual and not a textbook case - which in my case I certainly am not. Jackie always takes my pulses, looks at my tongue and takes details of how I have felt, not only physically but also emotionally, since my last visit with her, before treatment starts. Her needles are so fine they really don’t hurt (well OK some points you can feel more than others) and she is incredibly gentle whilst placing the needles in at the right amount. I have had previous experiences where the acupuncturist was either to light or way to heavy and really painful!! Jackie has also treated my upper back pain with cupping and acupuncture, which proved great relief. Her talent, support, genuine caring, smile, friendship and dedication to helping me achieve my goal is second to none - even at 6.30am so I can get to my fertility clinic in time or when just out of hospital after an operation. Every one I have recommended to Jackie has thanked me profusely as they have seen immediate results and my husband who went to her for fertility support during treatment had the advantage of his asthma completely clearing up. I sadly had a failed IVF in Sweden at the beginning of this year and if I could have done one thing differently it would have been to fly Jackie out to give me acupuncture - along with her smile which always cheers me up!" Emma V

"I initially sought acupuncture treatment for depression as it had been recommended in a book I was reading on beating depression. I entered into treatment with an open mind as to how much it would or could actually help me. I quickly learned that acupuncture significantly relieved the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression I was suffering with, and also contributed to my overall health and wellbeing. I have now been receiving treatment from Jackie over 2 years for different ailments including pregnancy symptoms and would not hesitate to recommend her as a highly professional and caring acupuncture practitioner." Vickie